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Kürkçü: Government allowing paramilitaries to cross into Syria

BDP Mersin deputy said government acting without parliamentary mandate
Peace and Democracy Party Mersin deputy Ertu?rul Kürkçü held a press conference in the Parliament on recent attacks targeting Kurds in the West Kurdistan city of Serêkaniyê for the last one week.

Kürkçü pointed out that the Turkish government is enabling Al-Qaida, Al-Nusra and FSA (Free Syrian Army) militants to cross Turkey’s border despite the lack of any parliament vote on the issue. The BDP deputy mentioned reports on the recent activity of FSA and some other armed gangs who allegedly entered the city of Serêkaniyê with seven tanks and 50 military vehicles on 21 November 2012 and turned back to Turkey following clashes with Kurds in this region.

Kürkçü noted that three thousand Kurds who have fled to the border to take refuge in Turkey because of ongoing clashes are still kept waiting at the border, while health institutions and organizations in Ceylanp?nar (Urfa) have mobilized for the treatment of wounded FSA militants.
BDP deputy said People’s Democratic Congress (HDK) wanted to call attention to potentially dangerous consequences that recent clashes between Kurdish forces fighting for autonomy and armed groups affiliated to Al-Qaida in the city of Serêkaniyê (Resuleyn) could be carrying. Underlining that the clashes in the mentioned region have a risk of making Turkey an active part of the civil war in Syria, Kürkçü said that “The war in Syrian territory is being carried into Turkey. Furthermore, the recent clashes in this region strengthen suspects over Turkey’s efforts for a fair, democratic, pluralist and secular government in Syria.

Kürkçü called on the AKP government to take measures for the ending of the activity at the border and added that any kind of gang activity surrounding the state will also make all Turkey’s citizens face the violence of a maverick organization that recognizes no laws.

On the other hand, Republican People’s Party (CHP) Zonguldak deputy Ali ?hsan Köktürk tabled a parliamentary question asking if it is true or not that the F??EKSAN Company in Ankara sent 2.5 million Kalashnikov bullets to the armed militants fighting against the regime in Syria.

Köktürk, requesting the Minister of National Defence ?smet Y?lmaz to answer, asked what assistance AKP Prime Ministry has provided to the opponent groups in Syria in the last one year and the sort and amount of this assistance.


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