Ottobre 27, 2013

Who is the greenest ? Or, who wants peace

It would be somehow funny, if indeed the issues were not so serious, to sit and listen to PM Erdo?an delivering one of his "inspired" speeches over current issues. Take for example his latest remarks on what he called "the solution process" (i.e. the process for a solution to the Kurdish issue) and the protests by Middle Eastern Technical University in Ankara.

On the "solution process", Erdo?an pronounced the following quite threatening words: "The side to break the process will pay the price" and added: "We will never be the side to break it". Now, a smile would shape the lips of everyone even not so familiar with the current state of affairs on the Kurdish question. Because indeed it is clear that while the Kurds (be it the PKK with its ongoing ceasefire, or the BDP with its ongoing proposals and attempts to break the deadlock) keep moving and trying to revive the process times and times agains, the government has chosen - to use en euphemism - a "waiting attitude".

The question is, waiting for what ? As Godot will not turned up, clearly the government is trying - by stretching things to the limit - to push the Kurdish side into some kind of action which Erdo?an could finger at as "leaving the table". The problem is that at present there is no "table". And consequently no table to abandon.

International Magazine Issue#8