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Palestine Festival of Literature

The 2015 Palestine Festival of Literature, which opens this year on May 23, recently have announced its  the names of participating authors and their meetings and readings, which includes events in six cities.

Yesterday, organizers announced the artists who will be traveling in cities across Palestine for the annual literary festival, which this year is set to end on May 28.

Many writers have confirmed their participation. Here is the list provided by the festival`s organizers:

Leila Abdelrazaq, Sinan Antoon, Tarik al Araby, Asmaa Azaizeh, Ahmed Azem, Ibtisam Azem, Malika Booker, Francesca Borri, Sarah Carr, Molly Crabapple, Suhad Daher-Nashif, Wafa Darwish, Arafat el Deek, Rabeea Eid, Richard Ford, Giles Fraser, Ru Freeman, Subhi Hadidi, Nathalie Handal, Amer Hlehel, Sara Ishaq, Brigid Keenan, Firas Khory, Suhail Matar, Khader Mehjez, David Mura, Neesan, Jamal Qawasmi, Raja Shehadeh, Walid el Sheikh, Ahdaf Soueif, Dirk Wanrooij, The Wanted 18 and Haifa Zangana.

The traveling literature festival will kick off in Ramallah with novelist and poet Sinan Antoon, artist and writer Molly Crabapple, memoirist and scholar Wafa Darwish, and poet Arafat el Deek.

After Ramallah, the festival travels to Jerusalem (May 24), Haifa (May 25), Nablus (May 26), Bethlehem (May 27), and back to Ramallah (May 28). Parallel events will be held in Gaza on May 23, 24, and 25.

More news on the Festival’s facebook page

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