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Son of FARC-EP commander and his friend murdered

Young Yonnier Sujeimer Rosero was assassinated together with his friend, Pablo Erazo, by an armed subject who broke into the cockpit where the young people were talking

The son of the commander of the Frente 60 of the FARC-EP, Yonnier Sujeimer Rosero Muñoz, was killed along with his friend Pablo Erazo Mamián, 17, in Algeria, department of Cauca.


“In this double murdered, which occurred in El Sinaí, there was signs of brutality because the two young people, who earned their living as farmers, received more than 17 shots. According to witness the two boys were shot by a guy who arrived with a teenager girl to the cockpit where they were staying”,  officials of the mayor’s office explained.


Officials, who did not give their names, said that although the victims were already seriously injured on the floor, the gunman did not spare them and continued firing with an automatic weapon. After the attack, the homicide fled the place directed towards an isolated and wild place.


After the shooting, the injured teenager girl was taken by the people who were in the vicinities of the place to the care center of the municipal head and was then referred to the San Jose University Hospital in Popayan, where she recovers from a shot received on her right forearm .


The members of the Communal Action Board moved the bodies of the two murdered boys to the morgue of the medical unit of this municipality, where officials from the Criminal Investigation Section, Sijin, performed the preliminary technical inspection to the bodies without life.


The boys made their living as farmers in the same area where they were killed, they are native and residents of El Sinaí, and were known in the town with the warm nicknames of “Cotorra” and “Amoniaco”.


The young Sujeimer presented 15 wounds in different parts of the body, while Erazo Mamián presented five injuries, all caused by firearm, as it was corroborated in the judicial diligence.


For the communal leaders consulted by Colprensa, the killings are related to the arrival of paramilitary groups in this area in the south of the department, after the withdrawal of the FARC-EP Frente 60 towards the Transitional Zone located in the rural area of Buenos Aires, north of  Cauca.

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