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Timochenko: What happened to my heart?

On the road to peace, it got a little hurt.

Someone once said that one does not make war because he hates the one in front of him, but because he loves those he has behind him. And while I think that’s true, I also know that when the war begins, hatred comes in, it does not matter if it is called in or not. Without asking permission, hatred enters.

In our case, fortunately we never allowed him to enter our heart and for that reason, it has not been difficult to take the step we took.

More than a year ago we decided, in Colombia, to leave war behind and try to move towards democracy, with its thousands of fragilities. It is a way of loving peace,  coexistence, though imperfect, which is a thousand times preferable to any of the forms of war.

We Colombians decided to debate, understand, embrace, reject, and do it with energy, with vehemence and passion, but without violence.

So uncomfortable, so hard to understand, for those who feed on hatred, is what we decided.

This peace has cost us lives, but it has already begun and it will not stop if we remain attentive, awake and determined not to let hatred enter our hearts.

My heart is happy with this idea and although it almost killed me the other day, I know well that my heart is happy like that, I know because it made me feel that.

It expressed himself about it a few days ago, very clearly and with such intensity, that I ended up in a clinic.

Its message was clear, it told me that I have to take care of myself to continue fighting with love and for the love that comes from it.

That is a message also for those who live with hatred in the womb.

Long live Colombia!

Long live the peaceful struggle for the common good!

Long live the heart of peace that will keep beating!

Rodrigo Londoño – Timo

People’s Alternative Revolutionary Force

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