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Internationalist Commune of Rojava condemn Syria bombing

From the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria:


we denounce the bombings carried out early this morning by the NATO forces against the Syrian territory. These imperialist attacks led by the USA, with the collaboration of France and the UK, are a new example of the brutality and the imperialist thirst of the NATO forces in the Middle East.


The global powers make a display of their military industry, testing their weapons without considering the consequences of their actions on the civil population. The launch of high tech missiles under the pretext of a chemical attack which has not been proven abuses the instability in Syria making it a testing ground for the latest weaponry advances. The increase in market value of the companies building the missiles, which have increased their capital by over 5 billion dollars in a matter of hours, lays bare what war means for capitalism: profit.


Corporations and media manipulate information to control public opinion, generating the conditions they need to justify agreed upon actions. The brutality and use of chemical weapons in Afrin, as the chlorine gas used by jihadist gangs who were fighting together with the Turkish army didn’t raise any response from the international community, whereas the preparing of the attacks carried out today against Homs and Damascus started weeks before the news about the alleged chemical attack.


The agendas of the hegemonic powers of the capitalist system will use everything in their hands to reach the domination goals they pursue. Our commitment to the democratic revolution of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria has no doubt when it comes to denouncing oppression and injustice wherever it comes from. As internationalists, it is our duty to defend the revolutionary values that brought us here no matter the cost, and we cannot allow that these brutal aggressions to be hid behind the lies of power.


Internationalist Commune of Rojava




Don’t Bomb Syria – The Placard

Photos taken at the Stop the War protest at Whitehall in London.emocratic Fed

By Garry Knight from London, England via flickr.com

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Against NATO imperialist attacks


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