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Global Rights is a place of information, exchange, meetings, proposals, policies and cultural productions on the changing world, keeping global rights as a center of gravity, because global rights are the real thermometer of the economic, social, cultural, environmental, geopolitical policies the planet is going through


Editors: Sergio Segio, Orsola Casagrande

Editorial TeamMaider Varela, JM Arrugaeta, Bibi Bozzato, Berna Ozgencil, Yado Uzun, Félix Julio Alfonso López, Vroni Plainer, Simona Malatesta, Mauro Guglielminotti, Petra Probst, Marcia Lynx Qualey, Sawad Hussain

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Global Rights International Magazine June 2017 Issue #4


Bothayna al-Essa /// Kuwait
“ I’d prefer to be a source of embarrassment to the Ministry of Information than be subject to a censor’s scalpel”

Dilawer Zeraq /// Kurdistan
“Being different and feeling your “diversity” enable you to easily adopt other diversities”

Enrico Palandri /// Italia
“At the beginning I don’t know which story I will tell, but I feel its body”

Fernando Butazzoni /// Uruguay
“The chronicle of our times must be written one and a thousand times”

Sonia Nimr /// Palestina
“More than writing stories, I tell them”

Joseph O’Connor /// Irlanda
“Language becomes most intensely meaningful when it has musicality”

Gianfranco Bettin /// Italia
“I always follow different leads when I write novels, essays or stories”

Gabriel Angel /// Colombia
“There are many stories waiting to be told about our struggle”

Muharrem Erbey /// Kurdistan
“I am a Kurdish writer. I get my inspiration from the culture and lands of Kurdistan”

Bothayna al-Essa /// Kuwait
“Writing for me is experimenting, trying to answer questions. And to make them”


Bothayna al-Essa
is a best-selling Kuwaiti author, born on 3 September, 1982. She has published seven novels and one collection of short stories. She has been awarded many national and international prizes for her work, including being longlisted for the 2013 Sheikh Zayed Book Award. She is the founder of the literary platform Takween, the first of its kind in Kuwait, which helps aspiring writers.

Dilawer Zeraq
was born in Diyarbakır in 1965. Since 1995 he has been working on Kurdish language, culture and literature. He has published 3 short story books, 3 novels, 3 dictionaries, sociological and theoretic literature analysis and translation works.

 Gabriel Angel
has been for thirty years a FARC-EP guerilla. His literary work offers guerrillas and peasants as well as military and paramilitary protagonists, and reflects stories taking place in the most rural Colombia, where the civil war has reached a special intensity.

Joseph O’Connor
was born in Dublin on September 20, 1963. He is married to playwright, screenwriter and novelist, Anne-Marie Casey, and has two sons. In 2014 he was appointed Frank McCourt Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Limerick. He is also Founder and Director of the University of Limerick McCourt Creative Writing Summer School at NYU.

Muharrem Erbey
was born in June 23, 1969 in Hazro, Diyarbakır. He  is a lawyer, writer and human rights activist. He lives in the ancient city of Diyarbakır that with its million and a half citizens is considered the capital of  North Kurdistan (the part of Kurdistan lying in Turkey).

Sonia Nimr
Palestinian historian, academic, and award-winning author Dr. Sonia Nimr has written more than a dozen children’s and YA books for children, including the 2014 Etisalat Prize for Arabic Children’s Literature-winning Wondrous Journeys in Strange Lands (Rihlat Ajeeba fi al-Bilad al-Ghareeba). Her Ghaddar the Ghoul and Other Palestinian Stories is in English.

Fernando Butazzoni
was born in Montevideo in 1953. He was a militant of the Tupamaros guerrilla organization and already in exile he participated as an international volunteer to the Sandinista Front who succeeded in defeating Somoza’s dictatorship in Nicaragua in 1979. His literary career begins in this same year with the Prize awarded by Casa de las Americas of Cuba. In 2014 he won Uruguay’s National Literature Award, Bortolomé Hidalgo, for his monumental historical novel, Las Cenizas del Condor, (Condor’s Ashes).

Gianfranco Bettin
was born in Porto Marghera, in the municipality of Venice, in 1955. Writer and politician, Gianfranco Bettin has for many years been vice-mayor of the city of Venice. He has been a promoter of numerous cultural activities that took place in the lItalian city such as the Fondamenta Literature Festival.

Enrico Palandri
was born in Venice in 1956. His father was a career officer and Enrico grew up in several cities until the university years when he moved to London where he lived 23 years before returning to Venice.

Sawad Hussain
is an Arabic translator and litterateur. She holds a MA in Modern Arabic Literature from SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies, London). She regularly critiques Arabic literature in translation. She is passionate about all things related to Arab culture, history and literature. Her most recent translation is a Jordanian sci-fi novel to be published in late 2017.

Marcia Lynx Qualey
She is the founding editor of ArabLit (, an eight-year-old online magazine and multi-use resource, winner of the 2017 “Literary Translation Initiative” award at the London Book Fair.
She writes, edits, and translates for a variety of newspapers and magazines, and also works as a consultant for Arabic literature projects, including Kitab Sawti and the Library of Arabic Literature.
She is also a contributor to the forthcoming MLA volume, Teaching Modern Arabic Literature in Translation.

Petra Probst
Artist and books illustrator/author. She lives and work between Germany and Italy. Her artistic research brings her around Italy and abroad. In Genoa, in 2014, she has worked at the project “Oltre il buio-il teorema di Bavcar” at Villa Piaggio/Contemporary Art. In 2016 she has participated to the exhibition “Touch of Water” at Rapallo Castle. In 2017 at the MuMA of Genoa  she was a curator together with Flavio Tiberti of the project dedicated to the Mediterranean Sea, “ROVI DI MARE Visioni di un orizzonte in bilico”.

She specialises in dance/movement therapy and in art techniques therapy. She has published books for children in many countries and at the moment she is working with the Goethe Institut of Turin on a theater and art project involving young refugees.


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