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SDF Commander on Liberation of Raqqa

Klara Raqqa, a senior commander for Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Raqqa’s liberation campaign, spoke to Stêrk TV about the liberation of the city from ISIS, and said the following;

“The operation to liberate Raqqa, the Great Battle, has come to an end. We are experiencing historic moments of freedom and triumph at the moment. Green, yellow and red flags of YPG, YPJ and SDF wave proudly at the fortress is ISIS now. We have made great sacrifices to live these moments, which are historic. We are overwhelmed with pretty strong emotions. We congratulate these historic moments and this freedom first of all to Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan) who is the architect of the philosophy of free life and who taught us the democratic nation and fraternity of peoples in golden letters and with costs.

With all our excitement and emotions, we congratulate these historic moments to all the martyrs of revolution, our martyrs who paid a price and couldn’t see the liberation of Raqqa, our brave combatants who are fighting and resisting at this very moment, all the mothers of martyrs that contributed to the collapse and liberation of the ISIS’ fortress, all our patriotic people, our people in four parts (of Kurdistan) and all the peoples of the Middle East.”

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