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A Message from Serekaniye

An Anarchist friend defending Serekaniye from the Turkish invasion posted what is likely his final message

“We are currently a dozen internationalists fighting in Serekaniye alongside our Kurdish, Arab, Turkish, Armenian, Assyrians, Assyrians friends.


This will probably be my last message. Turkish Aviation and artillery are constantly bombing us. Islamic groups and Turkish agents have infiltrated our lines. I don’t know how long we will be able to hold.


We will take care of your support. We want actions! If the imperialists are not able to get out of their cowardice to save us, we count on our revolutionary friends to take revenge.


There are logical targets. Destroy them.”


Serhat Tiqqun,

October 11, 2019.


* Posted by Voltairinede on Reddit


Image: Kurdish YPG Fighters HXP (Self defense Forces)  By Kurdishstruggle – Some rights reserved


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